Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fun, Fabulous February

February has been a busy, fun month full of changes, holidays, birthdays, celebration, and more. This one is bitter sweet, this will be my last post other than Aiden's birthday party post which will be posted soon. 

Owen still wishes to keep his hair long. I like his long locks but it is a lot to maintain. This was his updated cut trying to manage all this hair....but as you know he cut it all off at the end of the month. Ha

Owen has been beyond interested in creating science mixtures and experiments this month. His tubes and stands and supplies sits on the counter and many of days he will go and create something new and cool. Relish in his love for science.

 Had to share my cute Chester basking in his sun spot. Sweetness

 Don't think we ever posted an updated picture of Beardy's tank that Omer built. Nice job Dad!

 This month Aiden has built and built and played and played Bionicles A LOT. He loves them and has gotten really good and building and creating his own. Earlier this month we covered our fireplace with all our guys. I really enjoy playing Bionicles with him.

Owen has a science museum display in his room full of all the items he has found in his nature adventures. We finally gave it an update and bought display cases for them. Still need to find something better to preserve his bugs.

Owen's school held a Student Showcase where kids showed their dancing, singing, instruments or collections. Of course Owen wanted to share his nature/science collection. He really has a lot of cool items and knows so much about it all. He was so proud to have a collection and really the only nature one there. Owen was a true little teacher; he answered people's questions of his own and was great about informing people of all the different items. We are so proud of his true love for nature and science; it is fascinating. 

More on Owen; he builds some impressive and intricate Lego's. This is his tank with so many components I can't even tell you all.

We honored Chloe's passing away of two years this month. This is still very hard for me but I went with the day with joy in my heart of the life we shared. I took the dogs on her favorite hike. It still amazes me how much both boys talk about her and miss her. They mention her at random times and talk about how they miss her and talk about what they loved about her. I can not put into words how this warms my heart that her spirit still lives among the children as well. Love you always Chloe Bear!

We made our Valentines again this year. The boys really do love making them and will sit and do them until done with a smile on their face. I love it.

Sampling of Aiden's

 Sampling of Owen's

Omer ran his first race with me. He did awesome and I enjoyed running with him. Way to go babe!

My cuddly pups!

What happens when you leave tattoos with a 6 year old. Face tats!

Aiden and I played hide and seek with all our puppets. I love that Aiden would hide all the puppets then himself and off I would go to find them. Cuteness

Owen celebrated his 100th day of Kindergarten. He was super excited but sadly he really thought this meant he moved on to 1st grade the day after. Slight disappointment. I enjoyed all the 100 day items and reading his answers; he is a cutie.

He wanted Aiden to put on his science class crown and take a picture with him too. 

My friend gave us cookies on a stick for Valentines day, ours was a double connected one. We had fun eating it.

I have had long hair for quite some time and finally reached a length that I could donate it to Locks for Love - 8.5 inches shorter. 

Aiden's school celebrated his 4th birthday. Of course he was so excited. As his theme he requested for his birthday was Spooky Halloween, so we did black painted lemon cupcakes (his favorite) with monster puppets. He was so adorable and giddy of his celebration. 

The boys and I dressed as pirates and of course I was the bad pirate trying to steal their treasure chest. As you see Owen took his intense pirate seriously. We have a lot of fun!

Aiden got two adopted hummingbirds for his birthday; he has been wanting these since Christmas. Aunt Jenni did good and added two more pets to Aiden's bed animals. There names are Zippy and Sweetie, and he snuggles them so close.

For his birthday Aiden got a $20 bill and also a $25 gift card to Toys R Us. With no pressure he decided to give Owen the $20 so he could get something too. Proud Mom moment; he can be so sweet and generous. Owen told he did not have to but Aiden insisted. Of course happily took it and gave Aiden a huge hug....many times. Brother LOVE!

Had to include this as well. Chester likes to be where ever I am but while the kids play he likes to hide. He has specific hiding spots in every room. However in the playroom he used to hide under a wicker chair, but I removed it awhile back. He is always confused on where to go and he finally decided today to hide inside the cube slide climber. Adorable!

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's Aiden!

Aiden wanted to have some of his school friends over to play. They also had so much fun together. The four boys are adorable together. At one point they all started to dance. 

Later on, he got cold and tired so he snuggled in in Scooby Doo Snuggie that Grandma gave him. We snuggled and read books

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Little Snow - A Lot of Fun

The boys and I have been waiting and waiting for some snow, yet still we have not gotten much. We woke up to about an inch and they were so excited to get even a little snow. They made angels, ate the white stuff and yes we went sledding. With the disappointment of still not enough to build a snowman we were determined to at least sled. The sledding was so much fun. They enjoyed going down together and Owen wanted to carry the sled back up. It was a fun snowy morning.